About us

The London Regional Team is the regional co-ordinating body for the Conservative Party in London. We work with the officers of the seven London Conservative areas to support the 73 individual Conservative Associations which organise and campaign within the Parliamentary Constituencies which make up London.


The London Regional Officers are elected annually and the current regional officers for 2017-18 are:



London North Area Team

Chairman - Clare Hambro, clare.hambro@gmail.com

Deputy Chairman Membership - Matthew Green

Deputy Chairman Political - Tim Barnes

Area Officer - Jill Summers

Area Officer - Sue Kaye

CWO Area Chairman for London North West - Gonul Daniels


London North West Area Team

Chairman - Resham Kotecha, resham.kotecha@gmail.com

Deputy Chairman Membership - Anthony Seymour

Deputy Chairman Political - Fabio Conti


London South

Chairman - Simon Hoar, simonhoar@hotmail.com

Deputy Chairman Membership - Michael Poole-Wilson

Deputy Chairman Political - James Bellis


London South East

Chairman - Ben Spencer, ben@drbenspencer.com

Deputy Chairman Membership - Melanie McLean

Deputy Chairman Political - Tom Turrell

Area Officer - Attic Rahman


London South West

Chairman - Martin Hislop, mhislop@btinternet.com

Deputy Chairman Membership - Mary MacLeod

Deputy Chairman Political - Kim Caddy


London East
Chairman - Dinah Glover, dinah@logistixrec.co.uk
Deputy Chairman Membership - Damian White
Deputy Chairman Political - Benjamin Caine

London Lea Valley
Chairman - Richard Bunting, richard.bunting@mac.com
Deputy Chairman Membership - John Moss
Deputy Chairman Political - Matthew Laban



London Conservative Future

Luke Springthorpe, luke_springthorpe@yahoo.com


London Conservative Women

Sophie Stratton, sophie@conservativewomen.org.uk


Members of the London Board of the Party

Gotz Mohindra, Paul Canal, Andrea Craig, Richard Bunting, Martin Hislop, Resham Kotecha, Clare Hambro, Simon Hoar, Ben Spencer, Martin Hislop, Sophie Stratton, Luke Springthorpe, Clare Hambro, Paul Scully MP, Gareth Bacon GLA leader, Cllr Teresa O'Neil for Borough Leaders, Syed Kamall MEP, Dinah Glover. 

Co-opted: Tim Barnes


The constituency associations within each of the  London Areas

To visit an individual Association, MP's or Candidate's website please click on the links below (site opens in a new window). Where the Association does not currently have a website the link will take you to our main Party website (site opens in a new window).


London East


London North West


London Lea Valley


London South


London South East


London South West


London North