Tuesday, 30 June, 2015

You decide - Londoners invited to help the party choose its candidate

Monday, 15 June, 2015

This year the in The Queen's Birthday Honour list is one Peter Golds who was awarded CBE.  

Friday, 12 June, 2015

Tower Hamlets election: Labour's John Biggs wins but only with second preference from the Conservatives. 

Friday, 29 May, 2015

Conservatives in Tower Hamlets are going for Golds

Wednesday, 27 May, 2015

Behind the Queen’s Speech is a clear vision for a country that offers security and opportunity for everyone - at every stage of life.

Wednesday, 4 February, 2015

Conservative Party spell out plans for English Votes for English Laws

Monday, 5 January, 2015

London Region has a new team of officers. Congratulations to Ian Twinn, London Regional Chairman, Kishan Devani, London Region Deputy Chairman Membership and Finance and Gotz Mohindra London Region Deputy Chairman Political and Campaigning.

We'll restore common sense to our legal system by scrapping the Human Rights Act and introducing a new British Bill of Rights.

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The latest employment figures from the ONS show wages are rising, unemployment is falling - and our plan is delivering more security for hardworking families across Britain.

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The Childcare Bill will double free childcare available for all working parents of 3 and 4 year-olds to 30 hours a week. And to underline our commitment to support working families, the Prime Minister is announcing plans to introduce the changes for some families a year earlier than planned, together with a commitment to increase the average funding rates paid to childcare providers.

Our message is clear – this Government is on the side of working people – helping them get on and supporting them at every stage of life.

That is exactly why we are pressing ahead with these reforms – so that not a moment is lost in getting on with the task – going further than ever before to help with childcare costs, helping hardworking families and giving people the opportunity to get into work.

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