Thursday, 29 May, 2014

A big thank you to all those Londoners who voted Conservative in the various Council and European Elections on 22nd May 2014. Thank you too to the thousands of Conservative activists and supporters whose work, not just in the election period but over months and, in some cases years, helped to take the messages about our record of achievement and our honest, practical and, above all deliverable policies, to all sections of their local communities. 

Sunday, 27 April, 2014

May 22nd 2014 will see Londoners go to the polls to elect 1855 local Councillors, four directly elected Mayors in Hackney, Lewisham, Newham and Tower Hamlets and eight Members of the European Parliament - the members of our Conservative Euro Team are pictured opposite with the Prime Minister. You can find out more about the European Elections and your local Borough campaigns by visiting our Election 2014 page.

Thursday, 5 December, 2013

At the conclusion of this year's London Regional elections two members of the current team; Graham Postles (Chairman) and Edward Heckels (Deputy Chairman - Political), were re-elected, Tara Douglas-Home (Deputy Chairman - Membership & Finance) having previously been returned unopposed.

Monday, 18 November, 2013

London might not be going to the polls for local government and European Parliamentary elections until 22nd May 2014, however, campaigning activity is in full swing right accross the region.

Wednesday, 2 October, 2013

Over 650 members from the London Region attended the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester which closed with a rallying call from Prime Minister David Cameron in which he called into sharp focus the major political and philosophical differences between the Conservative and Labour visions of Britain in the run-up to the 2015 General Election and beyond.

Our picture shows London Regional Chairman Graham Postles introducing the Prime Minister and London Mayor Boris Johnson at our successful London reception held in association with our colleages in the South East Region.

Wednesday, 31 July, 2013

The team of candidates that will represent the Conservative Party in the London Region in next May's direct elections to the European Parliament was announced at Conservative Campaign Headquarters in Westminster at noon today, following a ballot of Conservative Party members across the Capital. Our three sitting Conservative MEPs, Syed Kamall, Dr Charles Tannock and Marina Yannakoudakis are joined by five new candidates.

The next election will be the clearest choice in a generation.

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Today is a major moment in Britain’s recovery.

New figures from the Office of National Statistics show that employment is up, wages are up, and hardworking families are more financially secure:

  • 1.75m more people in work since 2010 – that’s 1.75m more people with the security of a pay packet to provide for themselves and their families
  • Wages up by 1.6% over the last year – that’s faster than inflation and shows that people have more money in their pockets
  • Full-time jobs accounted for 95% of the rise in employment over the past year, while two-thirds of all new jobs since 2010 have been in higher skilled occupations – new jobs are secure, long-term and helping people get on in life
  • Youth unemployment down by 185,000 since the last election – young people are finding work and earning a regular wage
  • Number of people claiming unemployment benefit down by 595,000 since 2010 – people are getting off benefits and into work (Office of National Statistics, 17 Dec 2014)

By backing businesses with better infrastructure and lower taxes, our long-term economic plan is helping create record numbers of jobs and giving families more financial security.

The biggest threat to all this is Labour. They left nearly half-a-million more people without a job when they were last in power and predicted that our plan would ‘lead to the disappearance of a million jobs’. Their plans for more spending, more borrowing and higher taxes would cost jobs and put the security of hardworking families at risk.

That’s why we need to keep working through the plan – to help deliver security for families and secure a better future for Britain.

The benefits cap is getting more people into work.

As part of our long-term economic plan, we’ve capped benefits to reward work – so that no household can claim more in benefits than the average family earns in work.

And new figures show the cap is working:

  • Those who would be affected by the cap are 41% more likely to move into work than a similar group who fall just below the level of the cap – this wasn't the case before the cap was in place
  • 85% of households that said they intended to seek work because of the cap have done so, and 40% of those who said they had looked for work because of the cap found work within six months
  • Before the cap, fewer than 300 families received over £9 million in benefits every year – the cap is stopping this and saving millions of pounds a year

(Source: Department for Work & Pensions, 15 Dec 2014)

Labour’s something-for-nothing benefits culture trapped people in a cycle of worklessness and welfare dependency.

But now the benefits cap is helping people make the positive move into work – gaining the financial security that comes with a job and a pay packet.

That’s why we’ll continue to support people into work – so even more people can get off benefits and look forward to a better, more secure future.

We're helping young people get onto the housing ladder

Our new Starter Homes initiative will give 100,000 first-time buyers under the age of 40 the opportunity to buy a new home at a 20% discount.

It’s the latest part of our long-term economic plan and will help more young people achieve their dream of owning their own home and getting on in life.

As part of the initiative, we’re changing the planning system to free under-used land from planning costs in return for builders agreeing to sell the homes they build there at below the market price – so more young people can afford to buy their first home.

Under Labour, house building collapsed and young people were frozen out of the housing market.

But with the Conservatives, house building is now at its highest since 2007 and more people are getting onto the housing ladder.

With this Starter Homes initiative and our Help to Buy scheme, we’re unlocking home ownership for young people – and helping them look forward to a better, more secure future.